Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding and Formworks

Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding and Formworks

All MEC CAD are powerful software for the professional design of Scaffolding and Formworks of any type and brand in a 3D CAD environment

Structural Analysis with Struct

NextFEM Struct is a solution developed together with NextFEM which is specific for structural analysis and checking of scaffolding and stages.

The user can switch from the CAD drawing to the Struct module in clicks, and then carry out the analysis of the drawn structure with automatic assignment of materials and cross-sections.

Watch the full video (2’39”)!

The full integration between the Drawing module and the Structural Analysis one allows to spare time and resources: it is an innovative and complete tool for scaffold and stages projects with no limitations on structure shape and complexity.

You can quickly switch from the Estimation to the technical drawing, and then to the Structural Analysis with few commands.

PON CAD and Struct module for structural analysis of scaffolding and stages

Material geometry and cross-sections refer to the data contained in the catalogues and manuals of every scaffold brand and type.

Struct module is based on the following technical codes:

  1. EN 1993-1-1: Eurocode 3 – Design of steel structures – Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings
  2. EN 12811-1: Temporary works equipment – Part 1: Scaffolds – Performance requirements and general design

Technical features

  • Import of the wireframe structural representation in PON CAD (fully automated from inside PON CAD), specialized for working and out-of-service conditions of the scaffolding
  • Automatic assignment of materials and cross-sections from libraries
  • Automatic assignment of self-weight, live and wind loads; user can change any parameter related to loading, such as wind and snow site, deck loads and many others
  • Automated generation of load combinations and equivalent loading for structural imperfections
  • Linear static analysis with integrated solver OOFEM
  • Verification for scaffold steel members as per EN 12811, performed accordingly to EN 1993-1-1 – Eurocode 3. Structural checking is conducted at the Ultimate Limit State, and is customizable with an easy-to-use scripting language
  • Checking of right-angle couplers and clamps as per EN 12811
  • User can export the model to SAP2000® with all loads and combinations
  • Generation of the analysis report in RTF format, including automatically generated screenshots
    ***See an example of checking and analysis report (Acrobat PDF format)***

PON CAD structural analysis module

Struct module is powered by NextFEM.

  • Powerful and flexible: FEM solver to check any type of structure
  • Complete: NextFEM Struct can be integrated with several modules to cover different sectors of structural analysis
  • Update and Technical Support: it is developed completely and continuously by engineers who use it daily and are available for professional advice on structural analysis
  • Innovative and Up-to-date: NextFEM Struct is kept up-to-date with the latest technical codes and is innovative in 3D visualizations and checking report compilations

Other method to carry out structural analysis

There is one more method to carry out the structural analysis of a project drawn with PON CAD: to keep using the structural analysis software you already have, thanks to drawing export in DXF format.

PON CAD generates a proper file in DXF format, which can be easily imported into the most popular programs and F.E.M. solvers. To test the compatibility, download an example of DXF.
The DXF file generated by PON CAD is:

  • cleaned up by factors that are useless for structural checking,
  • divided by layer and by color according to the sections of the tubular elements,
  • structural decking simulation with truss is supported.

With this approach, we mean to let you independently choose the most suitable solution for your needs.