Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding and Formworks

Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding and Formworks

All MEC CAD are powerful software for the professional design of Scaffolding and Formworks of any type and brand in a 3D CAD environment


When we state that our products are Customer oriented, we mean that they can be completely customized according to Customer’s resources and necessities.

In effect MEC CAD Suite works as a parametric tool; this entails that all parameters can be easily changed in order to meet Customer’s needs. Our softwares can fit any type and brand of equipment (both for scaffolding and formwork) thanks to the creation of specific Database (library-catalogue).

MEC CAD not only develops Customer’s library on request, but it is also strongly focused on providing a complete customization of its software (language, etc.).

Marketing opportunities

MEC CAD softwares can be customized and adapted to the needs of each manufacturer, even graphically: both the program and the hardware support can be provided with the Customer’s LOGO.

MEC CAD pen-drive arrow Pen-drive with Customer's logo

The manufacturer can directly distribute to his dealers and customers our software even with his logo, benefiting of many advantages:

  • Customer loyalty: the customer receives the tools to manage its scaffolding / formworks and better compete in the market;
  • Greater bargaining power: the manufacturer differentiates itself from the competitors by providing a complete service;
  • Standardization: the customer and the manufacturer use the same tools and can exchange data; this will reduce design time and improve efficiency.

This approach allows for the investment maximization by taking advantage of the benefits of a commercial software as if it was his own property.

Are you a manufacturer? Don’t miss this opportunity!