Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding and Formworks

Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding and Formworks

All MEC CAD are powerful software for the professional design of Scaffolding and Formworks of any type and brand in a 3D CAD environment

Our choices, your guarantees

Customer Satisfaction

MEC CAD is a company that is oriented to costumer satisfaction. This means:

  • Training: all our softwares are always provided with a starting training course (e-learning platform and online courses with a qualified technician); moreover, MEC CAD provides on site courses (at our headquarters or at the customer) on request.
  • Technical support: the assistance, timely and available all the working days, is supplied either by telephone or by using the most modern and free remote support tools (Skype, TeamViewer).
  • Customizations: on request MEC CAD develops the catalogue/library (database) for its customers.
  • Updates: MEC CAD constantly updates and improves its products with regards to users’ needs, always pursuing enhancement and automatization.

CAD dwg? Yes, please!

Using the powerful CAD design engine ensures that:

  • there is no limitation on drawing schemes and managing the project;
  • thanks to DWG open format, there is a complete integration with other softwares.
  • thanks to dwg format, your files will be available in the course of time, regardless of using PON CAD.

MEC CAD is authorized developer for Autodesk e Bricsys.

Autodesk Bricscad

Open standard formats: for a guaranteed investment

MEC CAD softwares use open standard formats only, this ensures that any customers can process them independently. In particular all working files are saved in: dwg, dxf; all the databases are saved in: csv; all the bills of materials and data exchange files are saved in: html, xml, txt, csv.

This way, the whole MEC CAD Suite is liable to be integrated with other softwares, it facilitates the interactions with other stakeholders and guarantees data’s availability in the course of time, regardless of using MEC CAD Suite.


It is the MEC CAD softwares’ ability to “increase” or “decrease” depending on user’s needs and assets. This means that MEC CAD Suite can increase its performances if new resources are supplied.

This refers to:

  1. Complexity level: user can design in 2D or 3D environment
  2. Graphic resolution, which has 4 levels: from 2D to 3D solids
  3. CAD engines: different types of CAD are compatible, with different cost and power
  4. MEC CAD Suite modules: we can supply separately the Suite modules, according to one’s needs
  5. Software performance: it can be increased by adding new resources: BIM, virtual tour…

MEC CAD software works in 4D

4D designing is a technology which combines the standard CAD three-dimensional drawing with time- or schedule-related information.
This meets the need of controlling and planning working site progress and materials movements.

With our software it is possible to set working phases while drawing; this method allows to plan and optimise the transportation, assembling phases and material quantities needed.

Projects which are developed with MEC CAD software can be imported in BIM systems. MEC CAD tools works directly in BricsCAD® BIM (video), or thanks to standard format DWG/SAT adoption it is possible to import projects in other BIMs too, such as REVIT®; developed by Autodesk®.

PONCAD project with timeline animation