PON CAD: Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding

PON CAD Professional to Design, Project, Manage and Quote Scaffolding in CAD

The PON CAD is an easy and complete tool for professional scaffolding design, perfect for projecting and quoting any type of Scaffolding

PON CAD software to design, estimate and verify scaffold

PON CAD® is a powerful software for Scaffolding professionals  to Plan, Design, Manage and Quote of Scaffolding.

  • Increased standard CAD productivity in any project
  • Accurate and winning biddings = + opportunities
  • Materials management: bill of materials through assembly phases, reduced costs and errors
  • Create technical drawing and quotation to send to clients.
  • See your scaffolding in real-time 3D in just a few minutes.
  • Supports many System Scaffolding brands (via library System packs).
  • No limitations in design.
  • Compatible with BIM software (via native DWG).

PON CAD® is ideal to design any out of standard scaffolding, without any limitation in shape and arrangement .
Thanks to its great flexibility is an ideal application for the following sectors:  Construction industry , Industrial Petrochemical and Shipbuilding maintenance,  Entertainment industry.

CAD standard DWG? Yes please!

Using a CAD for design is the best Guarantee for Investments and Professional scaffolding drawing.

  • The designer has no limitations in drawing.
  • DWG standard format for total sharing all the projects.

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PON CAD Advantages

  • Complete Commercial documentation and a strong integration for structural testing and stock management
  • Technical drawing and building site design
  • Our main strengths
  • Scaffold designing of every brand and model (eg. Layher, Kwikstage, Cuplock, Alustar, Catari, Marcegaglia, Condor, Pilosio, Ceta, Alfix, Carpedil, Edilponte, Goffi,etc.).
  • Base library/catalog of Scaffolding included in PON CAD:
    1. Multidirectional Layher type(cm 307-257-157…),
    2. Multidirectional (cm 300,250,180,…),
    3. type Kwikstage,
    4. Cuplock type A (cm 307-257-157… ),
    5. Cuplock type B (cm 300,250,180,150,…),
    6. Tube and Fitting (always included),
    7. American Frame,
    8. European Frame (cm 300, 250, 180…)
    9. …. more on request

PON CAD allows  to design 3D simulations of any scaffolding, respecting all construction requirements to provide comprehensive support to  Sales, Hiring, Installation, Design and Structural Testing.

Other Video Examples:

YouTube video

  1. Spherical Scaffolding
  2. Scaffold for building maintenance
  3. 3D house with Scaffolding
  4. Circular Scaffolding, orbit view
  5. Frame Scaffolding with Prospects, orbit view
  6. Project of Scaffolding, orbit view
  7. How it works, other videos …

Draw any type of Scaffolding

PON CAD 3D Scaffold 2 PON CAD has no limits in the design of any scheme of scaffolding.
PON CAD allows to design any type of structure, from the most simple to very complex ones, such as domes and viaducts. PON CAD is a valuable aid for the designer and never restricts any possible solution or application.

For complicated structural detailing, the designer can intervene manually inserting all scaffold components using all the CAD commands; it is always possible to make any manual change. It is possible to design starting from existing plants, photos and prospects loaded with he CAD.

Why using CAD dwg?

AutoCAD or BricsCAD offers a standard DWG CAD platform, a guarantee for investments and professional scaffolding design.

  • The scaffolding plan has no limitations in drawing.
  • DWG standard form for total sharing between designers, customers and other softwares as well.
  • More than 250 expressively defined additional CAD commands.
  • Always updated and state-of-the-art CAD software.

Scaffolding Design Regulations

PON CAD enables to respect the building legislation and regulations of every country: the designer applies the requirements during the design phases.

PON CAD can design

shoring scaffolding

See the PDF of Shoring Scaffolding design example

- Multidirectional Scaffoldings
- Prefabricated Frame Scaffolding
- Integration of Tubes and Fittings
- Stages, Tower, Forum and Covers for the ShowBiz
-Complex Structures and out of standar schemes

PON CAD provides

PON CAD 3D Scaffold 4 PON CAD 3D Scaffold 3

  1. List of Items
  2. Weights and volumes, total and single façades
  3. Overall technical drawing, views and sections, to be integrated in construction documentations
  4. Image for technical Manual and Catalogue
  5. Structural Check
  6. Video and Rendering


PON CAD 3D Scaffold 5 There are numerous libraries of any brand and model in the global market:

Layher, Alfix, Plettac, Kwikstage, Pilosio, Marcegaglia, Hunnebeck, Alustar, Ceta, Catari, Condor,

… others on request.

MEC CAD creates, on request, Scaffolding Libraries for any brand and model on customer specifications.

How it works –  Videos:

YouTube video

  1. Setup Wizards for Facades
  2. Narrow Start
  3. Frame Scaffold
  4. Frame Scaffold from Photos
  5. Multidirectional Scaffold form Photos
  6. Inserting Anchors
  7. Multidirctional Scaffold
  8. From Design to Check
  9. Structural Check
  10. Inserting Stairs Hatch
  11. Last Guardrail 2 meters