PON CAD: Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding

PON CAD is a professional software to Design, Project, Manage and Quote Scaffolding

PON CAD is an easy and complete solution for professional Scaffolding design, perfect for drawing and estimating any type of project and structure

PON CAD the solution to design and manage Scaffolding

PON CAD® is a professional BIM software which has been conceived to help to design and manage scaffolding, stages and roofing in an easier and more effective way.

PON CAD offers a complete solution for the phases of:

  • Costs estimation, items list
  • Creation of technical drawings and 3D assembling schemes and sections for work safety
  • Structural Analysis
  • Stock management both in the warehouse and at the building site
  • Preparation of winning presentations and commercial offers
  • Videos and Rendering

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PON CAD is a versatile tool which is able to meet any user’s need and to comply with any law that regulates scaffolding projects. It sets no limits on drawing schemes: this means that you can draw any type of scaffold project (from small buildings to big industrial tanks, shoring structures, etc.) with any scaffolding system.

The choice of adopting open standard formats ( DWG ) ensures a complete integration with other software and allows to easily share projects with partners and customers.

Full package or plug-in?

As flexible tool as it is, PON CAD suits any user’s needs. Two different solutions and two different configurations can be picked depending on user’s assets; they ensure the same performances:


PON CAD SMART is a software package which doesn’t require AutoCAD and combines high performance with a user-friendly interface.

  • Drawing, estimation, presentation in few steps
  • Precise bills of materials
  • No limits on drawing complexity

2. PLUG-IN solution

PON CAD can be supplied as a plug-in for your CAD: this option allows you to hasten drawing procedures and preserve the working environment you are used to.
PON CAD inserts an additional menu and many commands and shortcuts to your CAD which facilitate scaffold drawing, but at the same time you can always use standard CAD commands (import, layout creation, cooy, paste, move, etc.).

How much time can you gain by using PON CAD?
Check it out, watch this video-comparison between PON CAD and a 2D CAD: same building, same project, different results!

Supported CAD are AutoCAD® (version 2012 or newer) and BricsCAD® (version 16 PRO or newer).

Does PON CAD make you more competitive?

Yes: spare time with fast and precise designing!
Yes: draw up speed quotations with automatic Bills of Material!
Yes: contain costs thanks to solutions planned and optimised by 3D simulation!
Yes: get more commissions thanks to impressive presentations and accurate quotations!

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Supported scaffolding types and brands

PON CAD is a parametric software that can design any type, brand and model of scaffolding. Concerning system of measurement, both imperial units (inches, feet) and metric ones (mm, cm) are supported.
MEC CAD has developed more than 30 library-catalogues for its Customers; PON CAD is always supplied with this generic libraries equipment:

  • Multidirectional Layher type(cm 307-257-157, …)
  • Multidirectional (cm 300,250,180,…)
  • Kwikstage type
  • Cuplock type A (cm 307-257-157, …)
  • Cuplock type B (cm 300,250,180,150, …)
  • Tube and Fitting (always included)
  • American Frame
  • European Frame (cm 300, 250, 180, …)
  • AT-PAC type
  • Plettac Contur type
  • Haki type
  • More on request…

User may add other catalogue/libraries, already developed by MEC CAD for the main scaffolding manufacturers. The Customer can ask MEC CAD to develop new scaffolding libraries/databases on his behalf starting from technical drawings and relevant information.