P3 CAD: Professional software to Design and Estimate Scaffolding

P3 is a Fast software to create Technical Design of Scaffolding in a 2D CAD Environment

With P3 is possible to Draw easily any type of Scaffolding, ideal to complement the Technical Safety Documentation

P3 scaffolding: application to Design Scaffolding in 2D

P3 is a program for the professional design of any type of scaffolding in 2D mode.
P3 is ideal to integrate the construction site and schemes for work safety documentation.

P3 allows you to design any scaffolding without any limit.

P3 Scaffold is a plug-in for AutoCad (Autodesk©) o BricsCad (Bricsys©).

P3 has no limits in the design of any scaffolding scheme

  1. Prefabricated Frame Scaffolding (Pins and Bushes)
  2. H Frame scaffolding
  3. Multidirectional Scaffolding (all size 300, 250, 307, 257 …)
  4. Tube and Fittings Scaffolding

For complex structural detailing, the designer can intervene manually instering all scaffold components  using  CAD commands and it is always possible to make manual changes.

P3 2D Scaffold 1 You can start your project from existing plants, pictures and prospects and load them with the CAD.

P3 provides

P3 2D Scaffold 2

  • Overall technical drawings, views and sections to be integrated in the Construction Site Documentation.
  • World templates for the Construction Site Documentation.

Reduce design time

P3 2D Scaffold 3 P3 is very easy to use even for users with basic technichal knowledge. The designer composes the design intuitively, through visual menus.

With  few simple steps you can extensively draw and quote scaffold plans and prospects of.

You can start to design from plants and prospects of existing structures, without limitations.