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METALUSA multidirectional scaffold
for biggest Cement manufacturing plant


Project: Reform of pillars and slabs of the tour.
Place: CCB Cimenterie Gaurain (Siège Social) – Belgium
Scaffolding: ADAPT multidirectional METALUSA
Weight: 37.200 kg

“The assemblage of the scaffolding was to take distance from the pipe, which couldn’t be touched for obvious reasons – the tube inside the scaffolding is the oven for the bitumen, which temperature rises up to 1450 degrees (equivalent to 300 degrees outside).

“We imported the 3D model of the tube structure in PON CAD to draw the scaffold all around, which consisted of two rows of beams, supported with respective braces. The dwg project represents the lowest part of a tour that goes up to 130 meters high.” Eng. João Marques

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