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AFIX Group Scaffolding
to restore Brussels Courthouse


To facilitate the external restoration works for roof, facades and carpentry, assembly of birdcage scaffolding with working platforms at each level is necessary. Safe access to these working levels is to be provided by lightweight stair towers.

Scaffolding: Afix Fast multidirectional
Weight: 220 tonnes
Volume: 20,000 m³
Location: Brussels Courthouse – National Palace of Justice.
PON CAD user: Muhammet Ugur Ozcelik

After engineering and static load calculations, works have began for thorough cleaning of natural stone facade, carpentry, stripping of wood and metal, restoration of the iconic figurative leaded ridges and roof elements on the front façade.

The Courthouse building is more than 140 years old and the restoration covers more than 150,000 m² of natural stone surface.

Safety when carrying out works at height is a priority.
Naturally, all designed with PON CAD software.

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