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Scaffolding and Roofing for slab
designed by TEKNOPONT with PON CAD


We are in Verbania, Italy. The temporary roofing offers a complete service for the safety of those working on the scaffolding. To restore the flat roof of a building, Teknopont designed and implemented a metal structure weighing over 70 tonnes, which extends linearly for 230 metres, and up to 15 metres.

The metal structure supports a sheet covering of over 1200 m2, guaranteeing protection from atmospheric agents which would prevent maintenance activities from being carried out.

Naturally, designed with PON CAD software.

Teknopont srl is a big company of design, construction and rental of tubular metal scaffolding, offering cutting-edge technological solutions in full compliance with regulations and the safety of property and people, both for temporary structures and for semi-structured scaffolding.