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Scaffolding + roofing for vessel “North”
by ALEPH with PON CAD software


Historic shipyard San Giorgio Del Porto, in the heart of Genoa Port, Italy. The scaffolding material is Layher Allround

The scaffold activity was requested for renewal intervention on Ship “North” in the evocative setting of the historic shipyard San Giorgio Del Porto.

PON CAD is a useful plugin integrated with AutoCAD, which has the purpose of developing 3D modules for the construction of scaffolding and roofing in the naval sector.” Geom. Giodice Federico.

To carry out the entire modernization with new technologies, plus applying total restyling of the vessel, the designer projected the scaffolding and roofing with PON CAD software.

ALEPH srl rental and assembly of scaffolding for naval, civil and industrial sectors. The company specializes in the design service, following careful study and planning in order to satisfy every technical and practical request. Many years of experience allow the staff to carry out accurate interventions on any product, preceded by a careful design phase.