Management software solutions integrate all processes and functions of the company in a single system; such as sales, purchases, warehouse management, accounting, etc. This is essential to have control of a modern, profitable and successful scaffolding company.

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MEC CAD integrates Odoo – an open source ERP management software.

Connettore PON CAD ODOO


  1. We are on your side; we show you an easy, economical and safe solution.
  2. When starting an ERP system in company, it is highly important to have a consultant close to your office
  3. Odoo can be adapted to your needs and grow with you.

MEC CAD does not supply this product but makes it available free of charge for our clients with the PON CAD + Odoo connector, developed to offer the immediately integration between PON CAD and this powerful ERP.

Download PON CAD + Odoo connector

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Discover Odoo in a minute

Whatch the video to know how to manage your business

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Is it free?

Odoo is highly convenient! There are 3 possibilities:

  1. Download and install the software on your own – no cost but it requires good computer technology skills
  2. Contact a consultant who will help you find the best technical and economic solution (recommended by MEC CAD)
  3. Find and activate the modules on Odoo website

Odoo open-source development model takes advantage of thousands of developers and business experts to build the world’s largest ecosystem of fully integrated business applications.

Many ready-made modules are available and tailored solutions are adaptable to the needs of your company

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MEC CAD offers PON CAD + Odoo connector to our customers free of charge to immediately integrate PON CAD with Odoo.


With a modern and elegant technical design, the structure of Odoo is one of a kind, allowing a high level handling that extends to all the applications.

With regular annual releases, Odoo evolves much faster than any other solution.

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Why choose Odoo

Odoo is a complete solution that manages the typical processes of companies dealing with scaffolding and formwork. It is a modular product, which integrates all management areas and it is easily configurable thanks to the flexibility of the software.

This is the solution to go from the PON CAD project to the offer through the stock check with only a few CLICKS.

Further information at Odoo website

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Deos PON CAD + Odoo make you competitive?

  • Yes: Save time with quick and accurate steps for billing and quotation.
  • Yes: create quotes immediately with automatic BOM!
  • Yes: manage orders based on stock availability!
  • Yes: keep the flow of materials and receipts under control.
  • Yes: always online, you can control everything via internet with your smartphone.

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What is Odoo? Everything you need to start