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Scaffolding free Viewer

Save time and improve the quality of your work with free viewers for Scaffolding and Formwork drawings.

Share your PON CAD projects with colleagues, thanks to the simple interaction with FREE CAD viewers, which streamline workflows by allowing everyone to share, view, verify and print their technical projects.

We suggest two solutions:


  • Fast and easy to share your scaffold projects
  • Economic (CAD viewers are free of charge)
  • Compatible and universal solution (DWG – DXF)
  • BIM ready

PON CAD + Free viewer = GROUPWORK

This solution is a great way to create, share and edit your scaffold designs with every department of your company.

mec cad scaffolding free viewer


A simple user interface with all the tools you need to collaborate and modify your projects. BricsCAD SHAPE is the free version of BricsCAD.

Simple and immediate:
  1. Design your scaffolding with PON CAD.
  2. Open your DWG drawing into BricsCAD SHAPE.
  3. Explore the scaffold, edit or make amendments.
  4. Share your project with designers or colleagues, even on site.
bricscad shape free
  • DOWNLOAD BricsCAD trial and start collaborating!

-After 30 days, BricsCAD trial stops working but Shape remains for free-

PON CAD + DWG TrueView

View your scaffolding with DWG TrueView:

  1. Design your scaffolding with PON CAD.
  2. Open your DWG drawing into Autodesk DWG TrueView.
  3. Explore and view the scaffold from every angle.

Other solutions for Autodesk customers: