PON CAD® is a 3D Scaffolding Design Software BIM developed to help Designers, Renters and Producers of small and big structures.

PON CAD improves your work by offering a complete solution to:

  1. Bill of Materials and Precise quotations for commercial offers
  2. Technical Drawings, assembling schemes and sections for safety at work
  3. Structural Analysis of scaffolds, stages and coverings – EN 12811-1, NTC2018 and Eurocode 3 – 9
  4. Stock management at the warehouse and the building site
  5. Presentations: Videos, Rendering and 3D VR

PON CAD has no limits in designing because it works on standard 3D CAD.

  1. Small and large buildings
  2. Industrial maintenance
  3. Support structures
  4. Stages and Entertainment

Videos pon cad

PON CAD in a minute

Watch the following video

pon cad software application fields


Some 3D examples of structures designed wih PON CAD. The software PON CAD is useful to present the project to your clients and to show the structure in the fase of assembly.

Click on the picture and see what you can do with PON CAD.

Scaffolding 3D and VR example

PON CAD is a highly versatile tool, adaptable to the designer’s needs.

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pon cad software scaffolding types

Types of scaffolding

PON CAD can draw any type, brand and model of scaffolding because it is a parametric software.
You can adapt PON CAD to your scaffolding system.

Supported types of Scaffolding:


Some of the supported catalogues:




√ LAYHER type

√ HAKI type
√ PERI type

There are over 40 available libraries of several scaffolding types and brands.

PON CAD comes with integrated basic libraries-catalogues, to which you can add others from the main scaffolding manufacturers.

PON CAD uses open formats allowing the client to develop and maintain their libraries autonomously.

Contact us for furher information in this regard.

Mec Cad Training

Training on PON CAD Scaffolding software

Formazione per il software PON CAD ponteggi

We provide training packages with software PON CAD including:

  • Access to our e-learning platform with tutorial videos 24/7
  • Dedicated online training with one of our technicians: based on your needs
  • Training courses either at our headquarters or at yours.

For Cad working phases management

Technical Features

Watch the following video for more details

pon cad scaffolding, how it works

How it works

pon cad scaffolding on dwg plan
With PON CAD it is possible to design freely, from a 2D/3D plan or even from a conveniently elaborated image.

3d scaffolding modules preview
By tracing the perimeter, PON CAD creates volumetric modules that represent the scaffold. It is possible to modify them and to change the specific characteristics.

pon cad sw scaffolding development
A simple command allows you to develop the scaffold in every detail. It is possible to modify and integrate each article both with CAD commands and PON CAD commands.

pon cad calculation scaffolding list of material
PON CAD elaborates precise bills of material divided into work phases with advantages for the preparation of quotations, the planning of the warehouse and transport. The lists are generated in TXT, Word, Excel (also Open Office), CSV and HTML.

pon cad layout draw
The technical documentation can be created with few clicks using either the standard CAD commands or the powerful automatic wizard.
You can define sections, views and details for the assembling schemes.

pon cad ringlock multidirectional rendering
PON CAD supports different levels of graphical details from the wireframe filiform to 3D solids with which it is possible to generate rendering and video presentation reports for commercial output.

pon cad software photo gallery

pon cad software plugin

No subscription required: once you buy PON CAD, it is yours forever!

pon cad solutions standalone tool or plugin

PON CAD + BricsCAD as a single package.
PON CAD SMART solution is a software package which does not require AutoCAD, matching high performance with intuitive user interface (UI) and excellent user experience (UX).

Should you choose SMART?
Yes, if you do not have a CAD installed in your PC.
No, if you already have a CAD installed in your PC.

PON CAD as a PLUG-IN only.
You can buy PON CAD at a lower price as a complement to your AutoCAD (version 2013 or higher) or BricsCAD PRO (version 15 or higher). This option allows you to keep the working environment you are used to using.

Should you choose PLUG-IN?
Yes, if you already have a CAD installed in your PC.
No, if you do not have a CAD installed in your PC.


Contact us for further technical information.

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Mec Cad software hardware requirements

mec cad softwares works on windows OS

scaffolding dwg cad bricscad autocad

Operating system: Windows
The files generated by PON CAD software are very small, therefore do not require particular hardware requirements, only the same requirements for Autocad or BricsCad 3D.

pon cad open standard formats


MEC CAD sw standard open formats

PON CAD is a highly compatible software and uses standard CAD Blocks DWG.
It exports files and reports in open standard formats (Dwg, Csv, Txt, Xml, Html, Ifc), making it possible to handle them independently with other software, facilitating interactions with other collaborators.
It is possible to export to BIM with IFC format thanks to the combination of PON CAD with BricsCad BIM.

Pon Cad Multi language software

PON CAD is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese

Other languages upon request.
It is also possible to create and customize new languages in the database independently.

Units supported: mm, cm, m, inch, ft.

mec cad software customization


The use of open formats allows the designer to develop and update their own libraries/database independently. We offer dedicated training courses in this regard.

If you’d prefer MEC CAD to develop a new library on behalf of your company, our technicians will do it based on the technical information provided. Contact us for this service.