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PON CAD 3D Scaffolding Design Software

PON CAD® Scaffolding is a 3D BIM Design software developed to help Designers, Rent and Manufacturing companies to project simple and complex structures.

PON CAD offers you a complete solution.

  1. Bill of Materials
  2. Technical drawings – blueprints
  3. Structural Analysis
  4. Stock management
  5. Video and 3D VR presentations

PON CAD in 1 minute

Discover how PON CAD can streamline your workflow.

Fields of application

Whether you are presenting your projects or navigating through the assembly scheme on-site, PON CAD adapts to the unique needs of every designer, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

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Types of scaffolding

PON CAD stands out as a parametric software, empowering you to sketch any type, brand or model of scaffolding with ease.

With over 75 available libraries of scaffolding brands and types, the possibilities are truly limitless.

The open formats of PON CAD files, allow taking control, developing and maintaining your libraries independently.

Scaffolding types

Some brands

Design limitless with PON CAD 3D

Grant yourself limitless design possibilities, ensuring compatibility with local regulations. It is you who apply the unique standards of your country, through PON CAD + CAD commands.

– Small and large buildings
– Industrial or piping
– Supporting structures
– Stages and grandstands

Explore our CASE HISTORY, featuring the best scaffolding projects of our clients, and witness how they transformed their visions into reality.


High performance

Time saving, maximum productivity and precision, automatic bill of materials, stress analysis & quotes.

Design with no limits

Design any type of Scaffolding system regardless complexitity, in the Civil, Show Business and Industrial sector.

Maximum flexibility

Our products can be fully integrated with other software or management systems, already installed in your PC.

Customer service

Continuous training, technical support and assistance for your designing needs, carried out by our best technicians.

Technical overview

Introduction to some of PON CAD requirements and features.


PON CAD licences include complete training package.

Contact us for information regarding PON CAD for schools.

  • Video tutorials on PON CAD commands available 24/7
  • PDF instructions manual 
  • Online training

Set-up options

No subscription required: PON CAD is yours forever!

You can have PON CAD as an add-on to AutoCAD or BricsCAD, keeping your projects in the same-old CAD environment.

All-in-one! BricsCAD’s high performing engine combined with PON CAD intuitive interface (UI) and excellent user experience (UX).


Choose PLUG-IN if you already have a CAD in your PC.


Choose SMART if you do NOT have a CAD in your PC.


Adapt PON CAD to your scaffolding at will, thanks to its versatility.

The use of open formats allow developing and maintaining your product library by yourself (instructions provided).

If you rather have it done by our technicians, we’d be glad to talk about it.


PON CAD is already multilingual, but it can be customised to your language either by yourself or by our technicians, uppon request.

Units supported: mm, cm, m, inch, ft.

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French