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CATARI projects the scaffolding
for Submarine maintenance with PON CAD


  • Irregular geometry.
  • Anchoring only possible in just a few authorized areas.
  • Corners as perfect as possible in order to avoid the use of wood.
  • Very limited timeframe to create and deliver the project.
  • Extended consoles to bring the scaffold close to the submarine.
  • Necessity to find the best possible solution to reduce costs.

Project: Scaffolding for submarine maintenance.
Scaffolding: Catari US® – universal system.
Submarine measures: 13m high and 60m long.

Perimetral maintenance works carried out with multidirectional scaffolding for a submarine, which name is clasified. The submarine industry demands a very high level of demand, accompanied by a high degree of complexity, always under the most demanding parameters of quality and safety.

Thanks to PON CAD, CATARI could prepare the project within the required deadline, guaranteeing precision and high performance at all needs. 

Naturally, designed with PON CAD software.

CATARI operates in the metallic equipments production activity, designing and manufacturing scaffolding and formwork solutions for over 40 years. Established in 1979, they are a big reference value in the scaffolding industry and OEM products production.