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Are you a manufacturer?

Since 2007, all MEC CAD software has been developed as a useful tool for Scaffolding Manufacturers to manage their technical department and clients.

Contact us for information about our customisation services.

Your own Scaffolding Library

If you are a scaffolding manufacturer, you can integrate your product into PON CAD.

Upon request, we can offer you full customization services. The developed library remains your complete property.

Alternatively, thanks to the use of open formats, you can develop and maintain your own library by yourself (training provided in this regard).

PON CAD for manufacturers

Branding with your name

You have the option to rename software and hardware with your brand/company name for client loyalty and marketing purposes.

In addition, you can customize or develop your own scaffolding library, as well as offering your clients a private account with your LOGO.

PON CAD USB pendrive licence

Benefits of customization

As a Manufacturer, you can distribute the software to your providers and clients re-branded with your company name and logo.


  • Loyalty: your clients have all the tools to manage and sell your material, with detailed projects and precise quotes
  • Familiar environment: your clients recognize your brand and feel at-ease with already known graphics
  • Negotiation power: you outstand from competitors by providing a complete service
  • Standardization: customers and manufacturers use the same tools to exchange data, reducing designing time and improving efficiency
  • Investment maximization: embrace profits by taking the advantages of the benefits that a commercial software can offer as if it were yours

Direct connection to your net

PON CAD offers the possibility to connect with your ERP management software. Technicians and clients can access your extranet / intranet page directly from PON CAD to consult technical details and order articles directly to your warehouse. The page, though, must be configured by you.

Insert your roofing scaffolding

If you own a roofing system, it can be added to PON CAD as optimized ready-to-use schematic solutions.

Your roofing library will be managed independently of the scaffold used in the drawing, which guarantees 100% compatibility with any design.

Any user will be able to design a complete solution, quickly and easily, with your roof brand.