MEC CAD makes PON CAD software available for schools that offer CAD design courses, especially oriented to assisted design of scaffolding structures. We propose an additional module to the Autocad 3D and BricsCAD courses.

We believe that safety on construction sites arises from good initial planning. Our free-of-charge module proposal can be stand-alone or supplementary  to existing courses, granting training schools to educate and raise specialized professionals.


The aim is to help create technical personnel with specialist skills capable of designing scaffolding structures; these professions are in high demand by companies that manage construction equipment such as manufacturers, rentals, assemblers and design studios.

  • Designers for the creation of technical documentation and assembly drawings.
  • Commercial staff to carry out site inspections, quantify the list of materials and create 3D presentations drawings.

Recipients and basic requirements

The course would be intended for students and/or professionals with the following basic skills:

  • use of AutoCAD 2D or BricsCAD 2D
  • basic knowledge of the types of scaffolding and regulations

Skills acquired

The drafting technician will be able to design any type of scaffolding by creating executive assembly drawings, bills of materials and extensive final reports to provide complete support during P.O. for the design, sales and management department.
The module would provide students with the skills to:

    • draw simple and complex three-dimensional scaffolding structures
    • extract the list of materials for economic evaluations
    • create layouts and technical documentaion for the correct assembly and disassembly
  • Examples of 3D scaffolding designed with PON CAD:pon cad 3d models by mec cad customers on sketchfab

Teaching methodology

MEC CAD offers the supply of the tools listed below as an integrative module to the existing training courses such as: security personnel and generalist CAD design courses.

The course for PON CAD Scaffolding software can also be carried out independently as it is supported by video lessons that each student can follow on their own to learn the commands dedicated to the design of scaffolding.

Supplied equipment

For the planning of the training module, we offer the institutions free supply of:

  • 4-hour online introductory training dedicated to the teacher and the tutor
  • 20 PON CAD licenses with generic scaffolding libraries for 3 months (renewable)
  • 20 accounts to access online self-training on PON CAD software (renewable)
  • 2-hour online introductory training dedicated to students

For further information, please contact info@meccad.net or call +39 366 2549 394.