FOR CAD® to Design and Manage Vertical Formworks and Slabs is a professional BIM-oriented tool which helps Designers to Draw and Project Formworks in an easy way.

FOR CAD offers an integrated solution for:

  • Technical drawings in 2D and 3D projects
  • Bill of materials (B.O.M.)
  • Planning phases of materials used in building site
  • Winning presentations and commercial offers
  • Drawings and assembling schemes, views and sections
  • Video and Rendering

For Cad formworks types


FOR CAD is supplied with two basic sets of Formwork libraries equipment (see picture below).

For Cad Formworks 300cm size system included

For Cad Formworks 330cm size system included

FOR CAD is a parametric software that can design vertical and horizontal (slabs) modular panels of any Formwork Brand and Model.

Do you have a different Formwork type?
Ask additional libraries compatible with FOR CAD to your Formwork Supplier.

Customers can request MEC CAD to develop additional Formwork libraries on their behalf. These libraries are based on the technical drawings and relevant information provided by the customer.*

*at the moment, this service has been suspended until further notice.

pon cad software plugin

For Cad packs, plugin or smart

FOR CAD is a FREE Plug-in for AutoCAD and BricsCAD
compatible with AutoCAD 3D (version 2013 or newer) or BricsCAD PRO (version 16 or newer).

FOR CAD software is supplied:

  • free of charge
  • with 3 standard formworks libraries
  • updates for the years following

For Cad working phases management


The strength of FOR CAD is the possibility of designing formworks by working “PHASES”. This feature allows the optimization of the material in the building site.
For Cad comparison between phases

The software provides an integrated and effective solution for the management of phases. Therefore, it is possible to plan and optimise the reusability and rotation of materials during designing.

For Cad scaffolding software, how it works

How FOR CAD works

for cad formworks design dwg plan draw1. OPEN YOUR PLAN
With FOR CAD it is possible to draw freely or starting from a 2D and 3D planimetry.

for cad 3d formworks development2. DEVELOP FORMWORKS 3D
A simple command allows the formwork to be developed in every detail. The project can be conditioned by the articles available at the warehouse and to the already defined phases. It is always possible to change every detail.

For Cad formworks software bill of material 3. BILLS OF MATERIAL
FOR CAD elaborates precise bills of material, providing accurate reports useful for the management of warehouse, transport and construction sites. The BOMs are generated in TXT, Word, Excel, CSV and HTML formats.

For Cad formworks software layout4. LAYOUT
The technical documentation is created in few clicks with standard CAD commands or with the powerful automatic wizards. You can define sections, views, and details for assembling schemes.

for cad 2d 3d formworks design5. FROM 3D TO 2D AND VICEVERSA
A simple click allows you to switch from 3D mode -ideal for bills and presentations- to 2D -optimal for the realization of executive drawings. It is also possible to do otherwise, from 2D to 3D.

For Cad formworks software 2d drawing6. 2D WORKING DRAWING
FOR CAD allows you to process precise executive drawings with simple steps in 2D mode.
The generation of front and side elevations is automatic, starting from plan view.

For Cad formworks software videos


Explore the examples made with FOR CAD

Click on the icon to explore the drawings in 3D


For Cad formworks software photo gallery


Mec cad training and assistance

Does FOR CAD make you more competitive?

  • Yes: spare time with fast and precise designing!
  • Yes: draw up speed quotations with automatic Bills of Material!
  • Yes: contain costs thanks to solutions planned and optimised 3D simulation!
  • Yes: get more commissions thanks to impressive presentations and accurate quotations!

Mec Cad software hardware requirements


windows, autocad, bricscad

The only requirement is to use the Windows operating system.
The files generated by MEC CAD software are always small and, therefore, do not require particular hardware requirements, which are the same for both Autocad and BricsCAD 3D.


pon cad open standard formats


The FOR CAD versatility derives from the choice of using the powerful CAD design engine and from adopting open standard formats (dwg) which ensures a complete integration with other software.

MEC CAD sw standard open formatsFOR CAD software is an open system.
Exportation files and reports are only in open standard formats (Dwg, Csv, Txt, Xml, Html, Ifc), making it possible to process them independently with other software and facilitating interactions with other collaborators.

mec cad software customization


The use of open formats allows the customer to maintain their own libraries/database independently. In this regard, we offer dedicated training courses.
MEC CAD can also develop, on behalf of the company, a new library based on the technical information provided.