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ERP integration

PON CAD scaffolding and FOR CAD formwork integrated with your company software is the key to experience smooth scaffolding designing, whereas paying attention to every detail of the process.

  • Manage orders based on stock availability
  • Export – Import your bill of materials automatically
  • Save time with quick and accurate billing
  • Create inmediate true quotes for your clients
  • Keep the flow of materials and receipts under control

Simple Integration

Management Software (ERP) like SAP or Odoo integrate all procedures in a single system, so that design and sales departments, warehouse, logistics and accounting interact smoothly in one unique environment. It is essential for your company to integrate PON CAD into the system, so that scaffolding-design technicians connect directly to other sectors, making your business even more profitable and successful.
PON CAD ERP integration

How to connect

Depending on your needs, download the proper instructions to develop your favourite type of PON CAD connector.

This operation has been simplified thanks to the use of standard formats. However, we recommend you to contact your ERP supplier, who will evaluate how to proceed.

CSV and HTML formats for ERP integration
  1. Instructions to connect via CSV file
  2. Instructions to connect via HTML

PON CAD + Odoo solution

As an alternative to other ERPs, you can try open-source Odoo modules to manage your scaffolding business.


  • Easy, economic and safe solution
  • Odoo experts and consultants in every region
  • Flexible module composition, adaptable to your needs

Note that MEC CAD does not supply Odoo, but offers a free-of-charge PON CAD <-> Odoo connector, specially developed to provide immediate integration.

PON CAD Odoo connector

How it works

See how you can export your scaffolding and formwork project list of materials from PON CAD into modular Odoo management software, with just a few clicks. 

For further information about set-up and learning Odoo, please contact an expert partner in your region on their website.

DOWNLOAD PON CAD <-> Odoo connector