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PON CAD Scaffolding Structural Analysis

PON CAD uses the additional STRUCT software, specially developed by NextFEM for stress analysis and calculation of Scaffolding, Stages and Roofing.

If you rather use another software for scaffolding calculation, click HERE

Optimise your time!

Switch from PON CAD to STRUCT with only one click, to execute the stress analysis of your structure, automatically obtaining the assignment of:

  • materials and tubular sections
  • loading plans (decks and tarpaulins)
  • anchors

About Scaffolding Regulations

Thanks to its versatility, PON CAD works accordingly with any local regulation, since it is the designer who applies the rules and the best solution for scaffolding schemes.  

PON CAD sections for scaffolding structural calculation

Struct Eurocode 3 standards

STRUCT is a stand-alone software that works accordingly with European laws EN 12811 | EN 1993-1-1 | Eurocode3.

STRUCT supports the verification of Frame, Multidirectional, Tube & Fittings, Stages and Roofing.

Software to calculate scaffolding


Discover how to execute professional calculation of scaffolds in just a few steps, hence saving time.

Obtain automatic assignment for

  • materials and tubular sections
  • loading plan (decks and tarpaulins)
  • anchors

More info about PON CAD scaffolding designer

Struct Features

  • calculate and verify finite elements of any structure regardless scheme complexity.
  • import the scaffold 3D geometry, already containing material, sections and anchoring data.
  • assign loads, variables and wind / snow characteristics.
  • generate load combinations and loads equivalent to the structural flaw values.
  • execute linear and static analysis – fully integrated OOFEM
  • get the report in Word with screenshots generated from the design.
  • export to SAP2000® with loads and combinations.

STRUCT can also be used independently to verify steel and aluminum structures.

Download a sample of the analysis report.

Engeeniring structural datasheet on scaffolding

Some documentation that may enrich your knowledge about structural analysis.

Scaffolding Calculation via dxf CAD

If you already have a software for steel verification or your country applies different regulation standards, PON CAD generates a 3D DXF file, to be imported into your own software.

This method could be very useful, although it loses some data in the process, such as sections and loading plans.

The generated DXF file is:

  • stripped of superfluous elements for structural verification
  • divided by layers and colours according to the sections of the tubular elements

Download a sample to test this method.

PON CAD software to calculate scaffolding