PON CAD Scaffolding Structural Analysis

PON CAD uses STRUCT as an additional module especially developed for the analysis and calculation of finite elements of Scaffolds, Stages and Roofs.

STRUCT is constantly updated. With only one click, the user can switch from the design in PON CAD to the STRUCT module, then execute the analysis of the structure automatically obtaining the assignment of:

  • materials
  • tubular sections
  • loading plan (decks and tarpaulins)
  • anchors

STRUCT is a NextFEM product, especially developed for PON CAD

pon cad struct features


STRUCT works accordingly with European laws EN 12811|EN 1993-1-1|Eurocode3

It can be customized for the rest of world: instructions

STRUCT supports the verification of Frame, Multidirectional Scaffolding, Tube and Fittings and Stages.

pon cad struct scaffolding analysis user interface

STRUCT has the following characteristics:

  • executes the calculation and verification of finite elements
  • verifies any type of structure without limitations of scheme complexity
  • imports the scaffold 3D geometry assigning materials, sections and anchors automatically
  • automatically assigns loads, general variables and wind characteristics. The user can change every parameter related to the load, i.e. building site, place, wind and snow values, etc.
  • automatically generates load combinations and loads equivalent to the structural flaw values.
  • executes linear and static analysis with the fully integrated OOFEM
  • exports to SAP2000® with loads and combinations.
  • STRUCT can also be used independently to verify steel and aluminum structures
  • generates the analysis report in WORD format including screenshots automatically generated from the design

Example of STRUCT analysis report (PDF)

In order to elaborate your knowledge on the structural analysis, read these technical documents (external link)

Pon Cad Struct videos


Pon Cad struct other check method

Alternative method of structural analysis

If you already have a software for steel verification, you can use it with the 3D DXF export file.


To run the analysis of a project made with PON CAD, there are two methods:

  • using the PON CAD – STRUCT module
  • using the structural software already installed in your company

If you already have a structural software, PON CAD generates a 3D DXF file of the project, which can be imported into your verification software. This alternative method is very useful, although all the advantages of direct integration with PON CAD are lost (eg. sections will not be exported).

The generated DXF file is:

  • stripped of superfluous elements for structural verification
  • divided by layers and colours according to the sections of the tubular elements

To prove compatibility, download an example of a DXF file