Assistance and Training

Mec cad training and assistance


MEC CAD is oriented towards customers’ satisfaction. The MEC CAD team provides constant support to its customers through continuous assistance, updates and training.

mec cad assistance and updates

Technical support and updates

assistance and updates subscriptions

Assistance is timely and available every weekday, is done by phone and online thanks to remote assistance tools such as Skype and Teamviewer.

MEC CAD constantly updates and improves its products in relation to the needs expressed by users with a view to continuous improvement and automation.

Update and assistance are provided through subscription. During the subscription year you will receive all updates, service packages and assistance.

For a quick support reply you can request tickets on our e-learning platform page.

Mec Cad Training


Mec Cad training options

MEC CAD software are provided with training packages that include:

  • Access to our e-learning platform: material and tutorials available 24h;
  • Training online with our technician: based upon your needs;
  • Training for the modification and maintenance of libraries/database: to guarantee autonomy in the management of your catalogue;
  • Training at our office or at the customer’s site.

Mec Cad software customization


mec cad scaffolding customized pendrive

All MEC CAD software can be adapted to the needs of each manufacturer: both the program and the hardware support can contain the Customer’s logo.

MEC CAD is able to develop a new library/database on behalf of the requesting company and fully customize the software. Furthermore, thanks to the use of open formats, the customer can develop and maintain his own libraries independently (in this regard MEC CAD offers training courses).

Mec Cad Consultancy


Thanks to decades of experience both in the production and supply of construction equipment, both in IT and in CAD design, MEC CAD is able to provide a serious and precise support advice for the organization and start-up of technical offices aimed at commercial and marketing support.