PON CAD ® is a professional scaffolding software to design of Stages, Covers, Stands and Director Towers in a 3D CAD Environment. It is Ideal for all Technical and Commercial documentation for Purposes: Offers, Rendering of visual impact, Videos.

PON CAD offers a complete solution for the phases of:

  1. Technical Drawings, 3D assembling Schemes and Sections for work safety
  2. Costs estimation, B.O.M.  precise List of Materials.
  3. Structural Analysis for any scaffolding structure
  4. Stock management both in the warehouse and at the building site
  5. Preparation of winning cad presentations and commercial offers
  6. Videos and Rendering
  7. Architectural Impact Assessment

PON CAD for ShowBiz does not have any limitation on design complexity: it is a versatile tool which is able to meet any user’s need projects for:

  1. Modular 3D Stages drawing,
  2. Stages in Multidirectional Scaffolding,
  3. Direction and Light Towers,
  4. Wall Structures
  5. Covers
  6. Complex Structures

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PON CAD showbiz scaffolding and stages drawing in Autocad DWG

pon cad software scaffolding types

Type of Scaffolding supported

PON CAD can draw any type, brand and model of scaffolding structure in showbiz .
MEC CAD always include and support in PON CAD two catalogues/libraries:


  1. LAYHER type (cm 307-257-207-157…) + Stages and Roofing accessories
  2. Our Generic (cm 300-250-200-150…) + Stages and Roofing accessories

On request, from our manufacturer customers, are available these additional stage libraries:

PON CAD use open formats file and allows the customer to Modify, Maintain and Develop their own libraries/database independently.

For more informations  about  all  brands and type contact us

pon cad software plugin

pon cad solutions standalone tool or plugin

PON CAD can be supplied together with BricsCAD as a single package.
This solution is called PON CAD SMART, which is a software package that does not require AutoCAD and combines high performance with an intuitive user interface.

For technical informations  please contact us

PON CAD can be supplied as a plug-in.
If you own a CAD, it will be convenient for you to buy PON CAD as a Plug-in at a lower price; in this case it is necessary to have AutoCAD installed (version 2012 or higher) or BricsCAD (version 15PRO or higher).

pon cad open standard formats


MEC CAD sw standard open formats

PON CAD is an open software and use standard scaffolding CAD Blocks DWG..
It exports its files and reports only in open standard formats (Dwg, Csv, Txt, Xml, Html, Ifc), making it possible to process them independently with other software, facilitating interactions with other collaborators.

It is possible to save or export all projects:

  • DWG or SAT to export in Rendering software.
  • BIM through the IFC format through the combination of PON CAD with BricsCad BIM.

Renderig of Stage with PONCAD

Pon Cad Multi language software

PON CAD is available in:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Franch
  • German
  • Portuguese

Other languages on request

Units supported: mm, cm, m, inch, ft.

mec cad software customization


The adoption of open formats allows the customer to develop and maintain their own libraries/database independently. In this regard, we offer dedicated training courses.
MEC CAD can also develop, on behalf of the company, a new library starting from the technical information.